Tim Baker’s new book revolutionizes the way to view and conduct employee appraisals. His method is brilliant in its simplicity and highly effective in its approach. ‘The End’ for the traditional performance review but just the beginning for a groundbreaking new model.

Marshall Goldsmith, PhD

Global leadership thinker and million-selling author or editor of 32 books, including the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There .

The Five Conversations Framework is a substitute for the standard performance review. The framework consists of five 10 minute conversations between the manager and each of his or her direct reports. These conversations occur over a five month period and take place twice a year.

Five Conversations Framework

The Five Conversations Framework is effectively a replacement for the traditional performance review system. It consists of five, ten minute conversations between managers and their staff over six months. These conversations are:

  1. Climate Review conversation
  2. Strengths and Talents conversation
  3. Opportunities for Growth conversation
  4. Learning and Development conversation
  5. Innovation and Continuous Improvement conversation


The below diagram illustrates the eight steps in implementing the Five Conversations Framework into an organisation.


Populate template

We provide you with an easy to fill out template to record the names and contact details of members of the organisation and who they report to.

Assess current state

We use a 360-degree feedback tool to assess the state of the current performance management system in the organisation. This provides a benchmark for assessing the effectiveness of the Five Conversations Framework.

Management training

All managers and anyone who is required to manage performance undertakes a three hour training programme on howw to apply the Five Conversations Framework.

Utilise support system

All conversations are recorded in an electronic database. Participants are issued with a unique key to protect confidentialities

Five conversations

All organisational members over the next five months undertake the five conversations.

Performance increases

Positive, productive changes in performance take place as a result of the Five Conversations Framework.

Five conversations

A second cycle of the Five Conversations Framework takes place.

Re-assess changing state

We re-assess the workplace again to measure the effectiveness of the Five Conversations Framework.